At Pacific Association of First Nations Women (PAFNW) we envision a matriarchal community where all Indigenous women in BC are safe and respected with a sense of belonging and connection to cultural traditions.

Our Mission

To bring our vision into reality, we advocate for systems change and provide Indigenous, culturally safe learning and offer holistic supports to uplift Indigenous women and strengthen families.

Our Mandate

1 Promote, establish and maintain communication and information sharing between First Nations women, women’s groups and all levels of Government within the Province of BC.

2 Provide a holistic, social, spiritual, psychological and educational support network for First Nations Women.

3 Research, identify and advocate on civic and social welfare issues that impact the health and well being of First Nations women who live in BC, including but not limited to: health care, justice, family violence and housing.

4 Develop and provide holistic, culturally appropriate health related services for First Nations women and their families.

5 Encourage and foster the preservation, facilitation and sharing of Aboriginal culture.

6 Encourage and support the educational aspirations of First Nations women and youth.

7 Establish and distribute a scholarship fund for First Nations women in post-secondary training.

How we achieve our goals

with our culturally-safe programs and services.

The Language Program

PAFNW is pleased to announce the 5th intake of our Online Basic Cree and Ojibway Language Classes. See our Languages page for more info! 

Moving Forward

Thanks to each and everyone of you who participated in Moving Forward! Whether you joined for one session or all the sessions, you spent time and energy on restoring and restory-ing your self and your management style. I hope you keep that up.

Online Interdisciplinary Arts Course

PAFNW is pleased to announce our new Online Interdisciplinary Arts Course. See our Art program page for more info!