Congratulations to our Winners!

25 - Jordanna Roesler - Bursary Headshot-sm
Jordanna Roesler, 2020 Bursary Winner

Jordanna’s Thank you Note:
I am so honoured by your support and humbled to have been selected as the recipient of the PAFNW 2020 Bursary Award. This award will immediately go towards my medical school expenses, which have been very costly and the stress relief that I experienced is great.  I rely solely on gaining awards as I am not band funded. It is because of the generosity from organizations like PAFNW that I am able to continue my journey towards becoming a female Indigenous physician and having a voice in the medical field. It means everything to my family and me. I am thrilled to be in a position where I can work towards helping our Indigenous people to achieve wellness, and this has become more possible because of your help and encouragement.

Ceilidh Smith-schol-winner sm
Ceilidh Smith, 2020 Scholarship Winner

Ceilidh’s Thank you Note:
Receiving a PAFNW Scholarship means so many things to me. First, this scholarship shows that I am supported in my academics as an undergraduate student studying Forestry at UBC. This scholarship will help me complete a degree program in the areas of study that I am passionate about, which include environmentalism, sustainability, and conservation. Second, my extracurricular involvement within the Indigenous community at UBC is supported through this scholarship. I am able to contribute to this community through continuing my involvement with the AMS Indigenous Committee and Powwow Planning Committee. Third, I am able to continue my First Nations Indigenous Studies education at UBC, where I have so far been able to research and learn more about my Métis language, culture, and history. Overall, this scholarship encourages and aids my education and experience at UBC, which I am incredibly grateful for.

The Pacific Association of First Nations Women (PAFNW) is excited to announce the 2020 Education Awards for Indigenous women attending Post-Secondary studies in BC.  The PAFNW Awards Fund was established to encourage and support educational aspirations of Indigenous women and girls.  These awards are open to women of First Nations, Metis and Inuit identity.

The Association has two awards to distribute this March to honour Indigenous women and their achievements in Post-Secondary education.  We will offer a $1,000 Bursary for Indigenous women in financial need, and one $1,000 Scholarship Award.

The application for the awards is now closed, we plan to reopen it again in January 2021!

2019 winners:

2019 Scholarship:
Autumn Schnell
Lindsay Thevarge

2019 Bursary Application:
Davena Isaac
Shelby Henry

Please email to submit all necessary documents, and for further information

According to Statistics Canada, in 2011 “half of all Indigenous women aged 25 to 64 had a degree, diploma or certificate, compared with 65 per cent of their non-Indigenous counterparts.” *

PAFNW is committed to the holistic success of Indigenous women. We want to support women to thrive culturally as well as financially. So, we have set up a scholarship fund to sponsor Indigenous womens’ post secondary education. We are very excited to fundraise and then offer an awards ceremony next spring.  We’ll be collecting donations through our Pay Pal account which is linked below. Please include your contact information so we can stay in touch about how much we collect and who the amazing recipients of your generosity are.


Donate to the PAFNW Scholarship Fund

A grassroots scholarship fund to sponsor Post-Secondary education for Indigenous women living in the Lower Mainland of BC on beautiful Coast Salish Territories.



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