Looking forward to 2018 and the excitement that a New Year brings to us.  We have had quite a busy year with lots of cultural activities and events to lift up the spirits of our women and help them to overcome some of the things that have troubling them.

Our most recent Matriarch Teachings with Wendy Hill was very inspiring and informative for those who attended.  We had over 70 women attending and we excited to have Joy Chalmers bring the young girls from Mentor Me and Urban Butterflies.  Another family brought their young niece to the circle and said how much the 9 year old got out of the training and they were surprised that she sat attentive for the entire 2 days.

One of the most striking things Wendy Hill said remains with me.  “We must work together on our healing as women it is up to us!  We cannot rely on anyone else to do this for us – not government programs or funding we must do it ourselves.”  We are thankful to have the funding from Vancouver Coastal Health that allows us to do the wonderful work that is needed to help support our women to be the best they can.

Advocacy, Belonging and Culture are three buzz words that we would like associated with PAFNW we hope that each one of you feel a part of our Association.  We have increased our membership and currently have just over 80 members, some are returned members and others are new to us!  Its exciting to connect with many women who are like minded and want to support one another and encourage each other to be the best we can be!

This Winter we will have another Cedar Hat Making workshop series, we are starting Yoga, Drum Circle, Beading, Pow Wow Zumba, Craft Day, Rise Beyond Grief, Regalia Making, Medicine Walks, among other things, check out our calendar of events online and our Facebook Events!  We have something for everyone!

Our Coming of Age Ceremony will be held on March 21, 2018 and we have a few families and helpers coming out to prepare give-away items for the event.  You are welcome to come help us out on Craft Day – Jan 19th.

The PAFNW Board of Directors have created a Scholarship/Bursary fund and will be putting out a call for applicants and offering two Scholarships and two Bursaries of $500 each for Indigenous women pursuing Post Secondary studies.  The Deadline for these will be February 28th and the application will be posted online January 19th.

In Unity,

Indigenous Women Rise

Diana Day

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