The Pacific Association of First Nations Women is pleased to provide cultural support services for families of the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls.  We have begun programming and we had a healing circle with Aline Laflamme, at the Saa-ust Centre (44 E cordova) which exists to support families of the MMIW and Girls.  We also had a Brushing Off Ceremony for Families last week, with Eugene Harry.  We will host a family gathering later on this year and are looking for input from family members on cultural services they would like to see provided.

I will be meeting with organizations that are providing services for families of MMIW to invite them to an advisory committee in hope that we can better coordinate those services throughout the City.  Our services will be open to both male and female family members as well as Two Spirited and Trans women.  Our Assoc is striving to be inclusive to all family members of the MMIW through this program.

Next week we will be offering two sessions “Arming Sisters” one for our youth program, on Friday night from 4 pm to 9 pm.  Arming Sisters was developed by a young Lakota Sioux woman who developed the sessions to combat violence perpetrated against Indigenous women and girls.  It is meant to empower women through increasing awareness and capacity to identify healthy relationships, toxic ones, creating and setting boundaries, being aware of MMIW and learning 10 self defence moves that can save a woman’s life!  On Saturday we will have one for women of all ages from 9:30 to 4:00 pm.  I hope you can join us!  Check out Patty Stonefish Facebook Page at

We are also looking to start a quilting a Star Blanket with Kelly White and hope that you can join us for that as well.  We will also be having a Pipe Ceremony, as well as providing opportunities for families to gather in groups to create artwork or just to sit and visit with one another.

Check our Facebook Page for more info or to register for our sessions send an email to

We are medicine for one another,

Diana Day, Lead Matriarch

Pacific Association of First Nations Women


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