The Pacific Assoc and a few other organizations have been meeting to plan Action Days for the 16 Dates.

We are calling on other women’s organizations and others to join us in events during these 16 days.  The 16 days will open Nov 25th with a Vigil Launch at the Survivors Pole at Pigeon Park at 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm.  We have been meeting with the Saa-ust Centre at 44 E Cordova, where some of the events will be held. The Aboriginal Front Door and Rape Relief as well as Vancouver Aboriginal Community Policing Centre (VACPC) and WAVAW have also been attending and helping to organize.

Nov 25th Vigil and Launch to be held at Survivors Pole at 4 pm, Pigeon Park

Nov 26th Closing submissions for the MMIW Inquiry will be made and livestreamed, the AFD and Saa-ust will host viewing stations at their respective sites.

Dec 1st Rape Relief is having an event at VPL

Dec 3rd Metro Van Aboriginal Executive Council will have an workshop Family Violence Through Indigenous Lens 1 – 3 pm

Dec 6th We will meet at the Memorial Stone at Crab Park from 1 pm to 3 pm to drum and honour those who have died from violence.

Dec 7th Saa-ust Centre will host a viewing of the film Quiet Killings about MMIW

Dec 8th VACPC and WAVAW will provide an event organized by Lorelei Williams, location TBA

Dec 9thPacific Assoc of First Nations Women will host an Open Space Forum on Violence Against Indigenous Women at the Aboriginal Mothers Centre complex, from 11 am to 4 pm.

Dec 10thKelly White is organizing an event MMIW Red Dress Campaign at City of Vancouver at noon.

We are looking forward to connecting with others who are wanting to help organize and support this endeavor!  We welcome all women and men to join us at all of these events! Please connect with me for more information!

In Unity



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