Christie Lee Charles leading and facilitating change.
Christie Lee Charles, Musqueam, leading and facilitating change.

On October 25, 2019, Pacific Association of First Nations Women (PAFNW) hosted a gathering of ceremony and dialogue to envision the Redressing, Redesigning and Relaunching of our Right Relations (RRR) project. Originally, RRR was intended to support Indigenous and non-Indigenous workers with training to work in good relations with each other and with Indigenous participants and/or clients. We have recently received funds to redesign and relaunch the project as Indigenous-led and Indigenous-benefitting.

We decided the first step in relaunching the RRR project, in a good way, was to host a gathering where we could share the story of what happened in a witness ceremony and honour those who saw the wrong and took action. We committed to work in dialogue and collaboration with other organizations, building and restoring partnerships to restart the work.

The gathering was designed as a transformative, decolonial think tank lead by Coast Salish Matriarchs Christie Lee Charles, Musqueam and Michelle Lorna Nahanee, Squamish, supported by Host Nation facilitators Chief Janice George, Squamish, Rhiannon Bennett, Musqueam, and Kinem, Squamish. Our favourite ally, group process and facilitation designer, Amanda Fenton also supported the success of the day. Here’s a graphic recording of the event by Tiaré Jung from Drawing Change.

Honouring Truth graphic recording

We’re thankful to all who took the time to be in ceremony and collaboration with us. Watch for news of our new hire and next steps for this project, including its new name!

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