Many Indigenous languages are disappearing due to colonialism, residential schools and backward government policies. As the years pass there are fewer and fewer fluent speakers left.

The Pacific Association of First Nations Women is facilitating a Cree and Ojibway Language Program. Several elders who are fluent in either language have volunteered to be teachers and pass down their knowledge. This program is open to Indigenous people who are of Cree or Ojibway decent. Children are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Here is a CBC radio interview of one of our Cree language instructors, Elder Dorothy Visser, speaking about language revitalization and residential schools on Orange Shirt Day.

Language Pages

Upcoming Events

Have you always wanted to learn Ojibway? We invite persons of Ojibway ancestry to join this free beginner level class in the Saulteaux dialect with Instructor Lee Benson. This course is 10 weeks long and will be held online via Zoom every Mon, Wed, and Friday morning.
*Limited to persons of Ojibway ancestry
The PAFNW Language Program is hosting this special series with Artist, Performer and Storyteller Gloria Eshkibok. This 3 part series will be presented in Ojibway story and song.  A special event not to be missed! Some English will be spoken.

Please register in advance for this free event to receive a list of words and song lyrics to follow along during the presentation.
*Limited to persons of Ojibway ancestry.
Registration is Closed.
Tuesday Evenings
6:00pm – 8:00pm PDT
Oct 5 – Dec 14, 2021
Registration is Closed.
Wednesday Evenings
6:00pm – 8:00pm PDT
Oct 6 – Dec 15 2021
Registration is Closed.
Thursday Evenings
6:00pm – 8:00pm PDT
Oct 7 – Dec 16 2021

There are several components in the Language Program:

  • The Introduction to Cree and Ojibway language courses have completed five cycles.
  • The ongoing Basic Cree and Ojibway courses have completed four cycles.
  • Cree and Ojibway Intensive Courses.
  • Cree and Ojibway Conversations Circles: New class information to come!
  • Cree and Ojibway Drop In Circles: New class information to come!

Comments from the Introduction Classes:

I really loved the connection the class created and the opportunity the class gave to hear stories, sing songs and learn the language.  I really appreciate that I can now introduce myself in my mother’s language.

I had a great time listening to everyone’s stories and all learning together.

We are grateful for the ongoing support from the First People’s Cultural Council