Mentor Me Group supports young women ages 18-25 who have aged out of foster care.

Mentor Me Group meetings occur once a month, on the last Wednesday, at the PAFNW office, located at 2018 Wall Street. Mentor Me is a safe haven for girls who have aged out of  the foster care system to make a significant contribution to younger girls currently in the foster care system. Girls learn to facilitate and prepare dynamic presentations to the Urban Butterflies group twice per month on Saturdays.

Girls who have grown up in care and experienced foster care have a greater understanding and are better equipped at empathizing and connecting with the little girls. As a result the older girls build leadership skills and realize their need to share in their experiences. The older girls help choose a curriculum that is relevant to them and builds their confidence. Both groups share many experiences that build on their relationships together. Many of the Mentor Me girls have been Urban Butterflies and know the importance of having older role models and someone to care and listen to them.

The Mentor Me program was founded by Joy Chalmers.

If you would like to join this dynamic group of young women
who are a making impact on the Next Generation
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