Lifting Families Up – Supporting families of the MMIWG

PAFNW is dedicated to ending violence against Indigenous women. We support the families, inter-generational survivors and all those who contribute their time and talents to support Indigenous women.

One-to-One Counselling with Char Leon, MSW, MEd

We’re offering free, online one-to-one trauma counselling for Indigenous people who have missing or murdered family members. This service is gender-inclusive, open to people who identify as men, women or otherwise. Counselling sessions are held online on Zoom or by telephone.

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Native Women’s Association of Canada

Review: Reclaiming Power and Place: The Final Report 
In their Final Report: testimony from family members and survivors of violence spoke about a surrounding context marked by multigenerational and intergenerational trauma and marginalization in the form of poverty, insecure housing or homelessness and barriers to education, employment, health care and cultural support.

Also see: MMIWG & Violence Prevention
Which contains discussions of violence against Indigenous women, girls and gender diverse people, violations of bodily integrity and genocide – which may be triggering.

& Calls For Justice
The steps to end and redress this genocide must be no less monumental
than the combination of systems and actions that has worked to maintain
colonial violence for generations.

Sister Watch – VPD

Review: Sister Watch: Protecting Women in the Downtown Eastside
Information about The Sister Watch Committee and their goals.

Anyone with information about crimes against women, or any other matter affecting the safety of those in the Downtown Eastside, is encourages to call the 24-hour Sister Watch Tip Line at 604-215-4777

UBCIC – Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs

Review: Coalition MMIWG Inquiry
Coalition Honours Families and Advocates as Canada Launches National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Also see: MMIWG related articles on UBCIC website

Red Women Rising – Indigenous Women Survivors in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

Review: Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre Report
This report is comprehensive and compelling, based in direct input from over a hundred Indigenous women on the layers of colonial gendered violence that they have faced since birth.