Our Vision

We envision a matriarchal community where all Indigenous women in BC are safe and respected with a sense of belonging and connection to cultural traditions.

Our Mission

To bring our vision into reality, we advocate for systems change and provide Indigenous, culturally safe learning and offer holistic supports to uplift Indigenous women and strengthen families.

Established in 1981, the Pacific Association of First Nations Women is 100% Indigenous Woman managed and led, providing a wide range of culturally safe programs and services for Indigenous women.

Everyone is welcome to become a member! We have Voting Memberships for Indigenous Women and Associate Memberships for everyone else! 

Become a member to show your support towards the PAFNW’s vision and mission. With general membership, you’re welcome to attend our regular meetings.

Indigenous women are granted Voting Memberships, with the benefits of a regular membership plus the opportunity to vote during meetings and apply to join the Board of Directors.